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A strong website for a strong company.

We partnered with Crossfit Nika to reinvent their web presence to highlight their diverse and empowering community. Our goal was to maintian their bold stance while making their presence as inviting as their community.

Crossfit Nika Homepage

The Challenge

When we were contacted by Crossfit Nika we knew that their web presence did not match what their brand and their community stood for. They needed a custom website that stood uniformly with their bold ideals and the quality their brand stood for.

The website they came to us with had a number of points that needed to be addressed. It had an outdated design, the menu system was cluttered and usability was at a minimum. Most of all it lacked a responsive design for non-desktop users.

The Approach

After meeting with the stakeholders our team was able to identify all the challenges we faced and were eager to start building a eye-catching design.

The design would enhance the user experience while providing an inviting appearance for new customers while showcasing their true brand culture.

Design Flow

Through our unique redesign process we helped revitative their web presence. We started with a responsive design that allowed for the mobile user to user friendly experience. We involved the key stakeholders in our design process to help showcase their brand online.

CrossFit Nika Webpage

Insights & Strategy

Inline with the new web strategy, we helped employ a strategic marketing strategy to increase business leads. Unique landing pages helped reach the targeted audience and drive new traffic to their business.

Mobile Website


The final product revealed a bold website that helped reinvent Crossfit Nika's online presence. A full responsive website allowed for all users to experience an optimized experience no matter what device they choose.

A more modern look helped communicate the culture across the web while removing excess clutter and streamlining the user experience. A crisp clean design paired with the latest web technologies ensure that Crossfit Nika will unphased by technology changes.

See the finish product here.


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