Behind every brilliant creation is strategy and vision—or else it’s not worth doing.

Spending too much time on WebMD self diagnosing never helps the situation. A misdiagnosis of your businesses’ web technology needs can also be painful (if not fatal).

The team at DarkShark are a bunch of innovative problem solvers who, to-be-honest do not like to loser. We can help you avoid any potential pitfalls or landmines while helping you make we acheive your goals.

Quality over Quanity. Let us help you succeed by employing proven strategies that we have used with our other clients.

Expert Knowledge tailored to our clients needs.

Technology is evolving quicker than ever and its important to understand how technologies work together. We pride ourselves with staying involved in the latest technologies so our clients don't fall behind.

  • Mobile & Content First approach for an uniform multi-device experience.
  • Wireframes, mood boards and working prototypes to make sure we know exactly how the final product will work.
  • Our company prides itself by taking advantage of the best tools available, including Webpack, gulp, and Sass, in tandem with HTML5, optimized Javascript/ES6, and CSS3.

We're nerds. We have been involved in the industry for what feels like eternity and saw companies struggling to overcome the "internet hurdle."

We saw a way to share our knowledge to help clients be more profitable and have well designed and usable websites for their customers. This continues to drive us today.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”

— Steve Forbes, editor in chief of Forbes Magazine

Your brand is more than just a logo. Your brand identity is what you customers think, feel, and react to. It's what determines who your customers are and how you will keep them.

Brand Campaign Development

Starting from the ground up. We take a holistic approach from the get-go and help identify the root of your brand.

Our discovery processes, collaboration, and multidisciplinary teams will help ensure that everyone sees the big picture (as well as their own).

Design System

Great design not only inspires attention, it retains it. Our design team works with stakeholders to ensure that your branding + web design is not only gorgeous—it’s tactically working across all channels to ensure your goals are achieved.


Great things happen when building long-lasting relationships. Let the collaboration begin!